Monday, October 29, 2012

Email Subscriptions Update

Hi Friends-  Well, it looks like Feedburner is back in business for my blog.  At the beginning of October, I realized that those who subscribed by email were no longer getting their emails so I switched to Mail Chimp.  However, that was A LOT of work to keep up with, but I was willing to do it for you.  I had a few switch over to Mail Chimp and I greatly appreciated it.  But now, Feedburner is working  again and so I can sit back and relax and have them do all the work of sending my posts to you by email.

*I will no longer be using Mail Chimp (unless Feedburner stops working).
*If you have not yet subscribed by email, you can do so on this form for Feedburner.
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Again, I'm so sorry for the confusion and thanks for sticking with me!  Have a great day!  -Shonda

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