Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster by David Conway Book Review (Tiger Tales)

The Great Nursery Rhyme Disaster is the story of Little Miss Muffet who is completely bored and wants a change.  She visits different nursery rhymes, but none are every quite right.  She doesn't like marching with the Grand Old Duke of York and Johnny Flynn and Tommy Stout are too mean.  This dish is mad that Miss Muffet ran away with the spoon and before she knew it she was creating the biggest chaos ever between all the nursery rhymes.  She lands back in her nursery rhyme and gets frightened by the spider and remembers why she wanted a change in the first place.

Tiger Tales presents David Conway's book where he has taken sweet nursery rhymes that we all know and love and created a bit of fun with Miss Muffet as the star performer.  My kids thought Miss Muffet was funny and I certainly got a kick out of all her excuses for hopping to the next rhyme for a better fit.  The illustrations have great color contrasts that are bright and bold along with angular and basic shapes that bring dimension.  This is a cute way to play with nursery rhymes.

For ages 3-7.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Tiger Tales  for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

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