Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Bible Adventure Reading Check In #2

Are you having fun with the Fall Bible Reading Adventure?  Please be sure to CHECK-IN!  (Check-in is also available on my blog in the upper right corner.) And, tell us what was on the Light list and Dark list from last week's Review/Study days in the comment section!

Here's our Light and Dark hearts:
On Sunday we played a light and dark game.  I turned off all the lights in the house and told Shrade to talk to the kitchen, but he couldn't do it.  Then we turned the lights back on and I asked him to do the same thing and he could.  We talked about how walking in the light was much better than walking in the dark and how God wants us to walk in his light.  Then we reviewed our hearts that we made.

(Reality check: Meanwhile Jessna was crying in the background with a dirty diaper and Shrade was flipping the light switch when I was trying to get my Bible!)  

Reading Plan for the week:
*Monday- 1 John 2:7-8
*Tuesday- 1 John 2:9-11
*Wednesday- 1 John 2:12
*Thursday- 1 John 2:13
*Friday- 1 John 2:14
*Saturday- 1 John 2:7-14
*Sunday- 1 John 2:7-14

*Review/Study-This week I want you to write a list of 10 ways you can love others.  Make a little book and draw pictures if you want.  Read this together with your child to remind them of how they can love others.
*And with every week ask "What does God want me to know by reading these verses?  What does God want me to do by reading these verses?"
*Write a prayer to God.

I was so inspired by what you learned with your kids last week! I just listened to a mom mentoring video by Sally Clarkson and she said one of the greatest things we can do is teach God's Word!  You are doing that!

Next week I want you to share the answers to these questions!  Can't wait to hear what God is teaching you.

As you are reading the daily verse(s), take time to answer questions your kids have or explain what the verse means.  Reading and understanding God's Word is key to knowing Him.

If you want more insight into these verses see Good Morning Girls. My schedule is slightly different from theirs.

Be sure to check back on Monday, October 22 for the next reading plan, activity and CHECK-IN!!

Here is the schedule:

We wills start October 1 and read until  November 30.  That's 2 months of reading the Bible EVERY DAY.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Fill out this form to join: Fall Bible Reading Adventure
2. Download and print the printable from Scripture Adventures so you can keep track of your reading. Click on Download Reading Charts. We will only be using October and November.
3. Get the reading plan for 1 John. Download as a PDF.  (You can also read your own verses.)

I am going to print the Scripture Adventures download off and then flip and print the I John Bible Reading Plan that I created.  Every day we will read the verses and then mark off a number on the calendar.

There are two Review/Study days built in. 

I will post the daily verses on my Facebook page from the New Living Translation (which is what I will be reading). 

Would you like to join me?  Fill out this form and every week I will have a check in. I will post a check-in on this blog, so either subscribe by email or I will have a check in button on the side bar.    I will give a prize to the family that completes the challenge by checking in weekly and answers an ending survey.  Sound good?

Prize will be A Christmas Adventure from Scripture Adventures.

You can join anytime!

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April said...

:-( We had a bad week, we only read 3 days and did not complete the lists for light and dark~ Before we started the next week though I went over the verses briefly, before digging into the next set.