Friday, October 19, 2012

Free and Fun Friday: Our Morning Routine

How do we start our day?  I've been trying to figure out a better morning routine and this is what I came up with and is working for the most part.  It is similar to what I did when I was teaching, but way more relaxing!  I hope to build on it as my kids get older.

Well, doing preschool at home is definitely way different when you have a little sister who is SO busy.  I honestly can't do anything quiet when she is awake so that's when we have morning learning time.

At breakfast I usually read the Bible verse for our Fall Bible Reading Adventure. Shrade and I usually have a discussion about what the verse means.  I'm amazed at what he wants to know at 3 years old.  Starting young is SO important.  He already knows that the Bible is written by God.  Wow!

After breakfast, Shrade goes to the bathroom and when he comes back we sit in front of the calendar and sing the days of the week.  We talk about the months of the year and sing that song too.  We talk about the letters in the name of the month and count the numbers up to the day and put on the new number.

Then we go into the living room and I play several CD's with fun music that we sing and dance to.  Jessna really loves this part!

We like Yancy's Little Praise Party Happy Day Everyday, Seed's Family Worship: Seeds of Courage 1, Rizers Rise Up and many others.  We pick up lots of fun CD's from the library too.

For Bible time, Shrade and I sit in the couch and listen to one story from the The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name and then discuss it.  Jessna usually is walking around the room and occasionally comes to touch the book.

After this I do a little learning activity with Shrade that is either math or letter related.  Here are some examples:

Musical Letters
Block work
Playdough snake with # on the popsicle sticks
Fun with cheerios

This all takes about an hour.  Then we have a little bit of free play so I can clean up the kitchen and then Jessna takes her morning nap.  At that time I do the preschool lesson for the letter of the month with Shrade.   You can see all the things we do HERE.

And honestly, it doesn't work out the same way everyday, but it's a start!

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