Friday, October 19, 2012

Hope For the Weary Mom Launch Day...coming soon!

The NEW Hope For the Weary Mom book is coming on October 23!  There will be some exciting news on that day and some giveaways.  Also, I will be reviewing the book in early November with a giveaway included.  But also, there will be a fun Facebook party on Launch Day!  The party begins at The Better Mom at 8:30 PM EST on Tuesday, October 23.  Mark your calendars.

Check out the Launch Day Giveaways:

Hope for the Weary Mom will help you:

  • Understand why God can fix your mess, but often chooses to get in it with you instead
  • Stop playing the comparison game
  • Acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses and understand that God can use them for His glory
  • Learn the power of worship to fight weariness and find hope
  • Open your heart to God in trust in spite of the hurts of life
  • Stay, when you want to run and hide
  • Find practical (and inexpensive) ways to relax
  • Find hope after tragic loss
  • Try again, when everything in you wants to give up
  • Take a step of faith toward other weary moms

Special updates include:

  • Study questions for each chapter! Now you can study Hope for the Weary Mom with your friends!
  • Questions and Answers with Stacey and Brooke! You asked, we're answering, and nothing is off-limits!
  • A special chapter for moms whose weariness goes beyond the normal day-to-day stress most moms face. This chapter includes Brooke's personal experience of the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007 and an interview with Tracey Lane, mother of Jarrett Lane, who was killed that day.
  • Practical tips to help you relax!
  • An opportunity to download Hope for Your Heart, a free printable to help remind you how to find hope each day.

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