Friday, October 12, 2012

Free and Fun Friday: The NEW Tacoma Children's Museum

The Children's Museum in Tacoma moved to a new, bigger and better location.  Shrade, Jessna and I had fun exploring for an afternoon.  I plan to bring my kids there about once a month.  There are so many activities that it's hard to do them all.  Best of all, it's "Pay as you will."  That means, you pay whatever you can.  Here are some pics from our recent trip.  And one of the best part is that we get to take the free link light rail train through the city.

The truck/rock pit (Shrade's favorite)
The Water Table (both kids loved this!)
Very soft (sensory) sand
Building with HUGE blocks
Scarves in a wind tunnel
Wind tunnel with balls- Jessna figured this one out!

Do you have a Children' Museum in your area?  What is it like?

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