Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel- Christmas Advent Activities for Kids

Are you getting excited for Christmas?  I mean, the TRUE meaning of Christmas!!  Well, you will love Amanda White's book Truth in the Tinsel to teach the real meaning of Christmas to your kids.

Read my review from last year:

What makes this book unique? "This is an adventure for families to learn the story together. It’s an experience with the greatest story every written and the greatest gift ever given—God’s own Son, Jesus the Christ!"  There are 24 days of crafts that tell the Christmas story one symbol at a time.  These crafts can become ornaments for your tree and you can talk about them each time you see them.   What a great visual!  And, because the kids are involved, they will want to discuss the ornaments over and over again.  For each day there is a clue (picture word that is the craft), Scripture (listen for the clue word), the ornament, the talk and an extension activity.  The crafts are simple and the whole lesson could take about 30 minutes.

There are so many ways to make this fun and exciting.  In the back of the book are strips with each of the picture clues that can be used as paper chain to take apart each day.  There is a complete supply list (most things you have in your home).  Remember it's the process, not the product!  And each day has a photo of the ornament and detailed instructions how to make it.  There are templates for some of the crafts and ideas to create alternate schedules if you don't want to do every craft.

Very simple, yet concrete way to share the Christmas story for children age preschool to elementary.  Your kids will be talking about these ornaments for years to come!

You can get a copy for yourself or buy one for a daughter-in-law, friend, teacher or anyone who has kids!

Be sure to get your copy before December 1 so you can get everything all organized for your Truth in the Tinsel Activity Month with your kids.

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Here are some pictures from last year that I did with Shrade:

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