Friday, September 16, 2011

Free and Fun Friday: Fruit and Fish!

I married a very resourceful man.  He amazes me with his uncanny ability to obtain large amounts of food for us for free or very little cost.  Here are just a few things that he has done this past month to provide for our family!

Jeremy took Shrade over to Eastern WA to pick up windfall pears from a college roommate of my dad's.  My husband does not do anything half way.  He picked up 700 lbs of pears!  When Shrade came home I asked him how many pears they got.  He said FOUR!  We will dehydrate them, can them, make pear sauce, pear juice and use some for fruit leather.  We also give lots away!

My husband is also an avid fisherman!  He has caught 34 salmon so far this season.  This particular catch was 4 fish in 20 minutes.  Shrade likes to watch daddy filet the fish in the back yard.  (Ew, for me!) We have frozen them, canned them, eaten them fresh and smoked them!  We have also given lots away.  Here is a recipe that we just made and it's yummy: Italian Salmon.

Jeremy also made these delicious salmon balls.  Did I marry the right guy or what?  We hope after awhile Shrade starts to learn some of these great resourceful ideas.  Jeremy plans to take Shrade fishing someday.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Yum! You totally married the right guy!

melissa said...

Wow! That is all amazing!
Where is his favorite spot to fish?

Shonda said...

Melissa- He goes to the Puyallup River in WA state. We live a few minutes away.