Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warrior Prayers: Day 10 (Love)

Today we pray for Love (page 27).

I grew up not wanting to be touched.  Don't ask me why!  Then I married a man whose primary love language is touch and now I can see my son yearns for that.  I want to love my son using his love language.  I can best teach him about God when I use his love language to love him.

From Brooke:
I've thought for years that love can't really be all that it should be apart from God. The Bible says that God IS love. For us mathematicians, using the word "IS" is the same as using the word "EQUALS." In other words,God and love are one and the same. There is no real love apart from God, and God is behind all real and genuine acts of love.

"Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love." ~1 John 4:8

Question for Discussion:
*What is your son's primary love language?  How do you think you can use that to teach your son(s) about God's love? (At this time when they are so little you can practice using all of them, but do you see any emerging?)

Love Languages: 
*Words of Affirmation
*Quality time
*Receiving gifts
*Physical touch
*Acts of service

Tomorrow (9/16) we pray for Joy (page 28) and it's Link UP day!


Amanda said...

Since Jonathan's only 2.5, I have a hard time knowing which one to pick. I'd say words of affirmation are important but also quality time-- he loves it when I drop everything and play with him!

April said...

I agree it is hard to pick one right now. I guess I would have to say my 5 year old might be the receiving gifts but also the quality time one, hard to say. Both actually the quality time is an important issue, but they like the quality time by themselves with Mom or Dad, not with the other sibling. Makes them feel important with the undivided attention.

melissa said...

Just wanted to stop in and respond to a post since I don't think I have this week (sorry. I'm in the middle of a huge project this week.).

I think my three year old's love language is time and words of affirmation. My almost 2 year old's is physical touch, possibly.

I'm really learning about this aspect of love this week as my older child is questioning our love for him, as well as God's love for him. I hope I'm teaching him well this week!

larissa said...

i'm def. going to be praying that God would show me their primary love languages. thanks for the thoughts.