Friday, September 23, 2011

Warrior Prayers: Day 18 (Self-Control)

Today we pray for Self-Control (page 35).
Read page 36-37 for tomorrow.

From Brooke:
*The key to overcoming our tendencies toward worshiping something other than Christ is to choose to love Him more than we love our sin. A constant laying down of our desires and picking up of Christ is the only fix.
*How many times have I chosen my own way when I knew the consequences? How many times have I forfeited the sweet, peaceful blessings of obedience in order to stamp my feet, cross my arms, dig in my stubborn three year-old-like heels and have my own way?

Question for Discussion:
*Do you have areas in your life where you lack self-control?  Ask God to help you in those areas and in that way He will show you how to teach self-control to your child.  (If you are willing to share, please do.  You can be as general as possible)

Tomorrow (9/24) we pray against Anger (page 38).

Today is our last Link UP day.  If you wrote a blog post about this challenge we would love to read it.


Amanda said...

Oh yes-- I need self control! Especially when it comes to how I spend my time-- when my kids *should* be napping, I often like to just sit down and blog, surf the internet, or read when I should be cleaning or prepping dinner... hence my desire to do 31 Days of Clean! Ahem, going to go hop off the computer now... Maybe I'll get my link-up post up tonight. :)

melissa said...

I started to read today's post, and it blew. me. away. I have got to get control myself of some things, especially when I want to be praying this for my boys! :)

Shonda said...

I need so much self-control in many areas. A few of them is how I spend my time, my reactions to frustrations and also habits that take away from my priorities. I am on my knees in this area for myself! I need the Lord to do a great work on me because I see my son acting just like I do and want to be a better example.

Amanda said...

Mommy brain-- I posted my post this morning, but forgot to link it! :)