Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Warrior Prayers: Ideas for praying

Are you feeling discouraged during this challenge? Well, you are not alone! I did this challenge in April and I tried to pray 21 days 10 times a day. Whew! I did that for like 2 days and couldn't keep up. I thought "what is wrong with me that I can't pray 10 times during the day?" Well, it is not how I usually pray and it's not the way I'm doing this challenge. That burnt me out and the last thing I wanted to do was stop praying which was what I did the first time. This is a battle, not only for my son, but for me to persevere.

So here are some ideas for praying from Brooke so get you off in the right direction again:

1. Get up early to bathe their sons in prayer first thing in the morning.
2. Pray the prayers one at a time throughout the day
3. Make the prayers a part of their family devotion time, praying the prayers out loud over their sons.
4. Spend some time in concentrated prayer late at night, around bedtime.

You do not have stop 10 times a day to pray if that is not your style.  A concentrated prayer time is what is working for me.  I rise early every morning and start my prayer off for the Warrior Prayer Moms who signed up for this challenge.  Then I look at the topic for the day and look up each of the Bible verses and pray through each one.  Then I close my Bible, get on my knees and place a picture of my son before me and pray each one aloud while looking at his picture.  That is how I'm doing it this time.

Question for discussion:
*What ways have you found to pray during this challenge?


melissa said...

For me, it works best to pray the verses over a mealtime. I like during the breakfast hour the best, but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way.

Shonda said...

I love it, Melissa! I'm going to start that after the challenge is over.

Dawn said...

I go for a walk with my verses and pray as I go. I do this during the work day. It a great break in my day when I get to focus on my boys.

Shonda said...

I love that idea, Dawn.

Larissa said...

this whole challenge is going way too fast for me!! i think when it's over i'm going to do one topic per week during my quiet time and post the prayers for other times of day, instead of doing it all in one day. i just feel like i am missing days and cannot keep up! and since the point is to just be praying the word for boys i think i need the 21-week plan so that i can keep going :) lol.

Shonda said...

I did try that before, Larissa, but I didn't stick with it either because there was no accountability. But I think it's a great idea!