Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warrior Prayers: Day 16 (Faithfulness)

Today we pray for Faithfulness (page 33).

During our morning "Bible study" time with my almost 3 year old, I pray a daily virtue.  One evening we were praying together as a family and Shrade came up and said he wanted to pray for faithfulness.  I could only gather that he remembered that as one of the virtues that I've prayed for him.  So we did and I still do!

When I did the Beth Moore Bible study "Believing God" I read Romans chapter 4 twenty times.  Try it!  You will know a little more about faith after doing that.

From Brooke:
But really, what I want to talk about … what I want to pray about today … is that our sons would be faithful to God. Doesn't this one prayer bring with it the solution to everything else we could talk about? A man whose first love is Jesus, will be faithful in all of the areas above (marriage, job, etc) . He won't be perfect, but he will possess the ability to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be faithful. It is something worth praying for.

“Now therefore fear the LORD and serve him in sincerity and in faithfulness … " ~Joshua 24:14

Tomorrow (9/22) we pray for Gentleness (page 34).


April said...

Good Morning. I got my praying done this morning for my little guys. It worked out good yesterday I had my little one with me while I prayed, and this morning my older guy was up so I got to look at him while praying for him. I enjoy looking at them or holding their hand while praying for them.
Shonda-when I get a chance this afternoon I will look at Romans Chapter 4, thanks for the recommendation :)

mommy of Five said...

wanted yo to know i'm praying..GOd has rally taken me on a different spin this time around... i'm really busy schooling four little ones , but i do get up and pray for them and over them BEFORE they get up..we pray one verse at the table while we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. i've been really asking the Lord to give me one scripture for each child (after i go through the list in the morning..and i stick with that one scripture through out the day...) i knew this time around we were going to be REALLY busy ( i know prayer is most important so i didn't want it to get pushed to the back burner so i get up early and pray before the day begins..) doing it this way has really been awesome. i'm sorry i haven' had the time to comment like i'd like to.

Shonda said...

Hi Ginger- You have your hands full, but so glad you are taking time to pray for your precious ones!